Volunteers needed for new JBAK project

Volunteers Needed:  JBAK is searching for people with interesting life stories revolving around the Berlin Wall; East and West Germany before and after the fall of the wall.   These stories will be accompanying your portraits in a series of paintings for the Winters Wall Hotel at Checkpoint Charlie.

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JBAK is a painting team of American artists James Bullough and Addison Karl.  The portraits that they paint touch on issues of intercultural integration as well as humanity and diversity.  Their newest series of paintings, is commissioned by the Winters Wall Hotel at Checkpoint Charlie.  It will highlight personal stories of various individuals or small groups of people who’s lives have been affected by the division and reunification of East and West Germany.  The portraits will be painted in the trademark style of JBAK and will be on permanent display in the Winters Wall Hotel at Checkpoint Charlie.  Models will be shown in “every day situations” such as reading a book, drinking coffee, riding a bicycle, walking in the park, etc.  Accompanying each portrait will be a small plaque with information about the person depicted in the painting.

Examples of this may be:

Katja Toss. Born 1982 in Berlin-Marzahn.

  • 1988: Attends Karl-Marx-Grundschule.
  • 1989: Is sworn into the Young Pioneers.
  • 2001: Graduates from Siemens-Hochschule and spends the next 5 years living abroad in Australia, India, and 
the United States.
  • Today: Living in Berlin-Mitte, working at an international university in the former West Berlin. Married to an 

Bernd Graff. Born 1932 in Chemnitz, Germany.

  • 1937: Moved with his mother and father to Berlin-Schöneberg to care for his ailing grandfather.
  • 1948: Assisted American soldiers with the transportation of goods to his fellow West Berliners during the 
Soviet Blockade.
  • 1976: Bernd’s met his uncle for the first time in Berlin-Schöneberg.  His uncle from Berlin-Pankow was granted a one day visit to come to the West to see his dying sister.
  • Today: Retired widower. Living in Dresden.

Examples of people needed for this project:

  • Person with an interesting professional situation that was affected by the fall of the wall.
  • Families that were divided and/or reunited by the construction or fall of the wall.
  • First generation immigrants who have started lives and careers in east Berlin since the fall of the wall.
  • Person with an interesting story or experience from the days surrounding the fall of the wall.
  • Couples who lived on different sides of the wall but met and were married after the fall of the wall.
  • Solders who served at the wall either on the East or West. (German solders or otherwise).

When you have interest in this project please contact us:

Addison Karl: 0176 42044760 – addison@idrawalot
James Bullough: 0151 41806579 – james@jamesbullough.com

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