Project M

JBAK was recently invited to take part in a very exciting project called PROJECT M.

2015 will see the opening of Berlin’s (and Europe’s) very first Contemporary Art museum focusing on urban art and JBAK along with a very heavy hitting lineup of artists such as Faile, Sit, Sage Vaugn, and Reka One have been asked to “get the party started”.  As renovations begin on the 5 story future museum, our mission was to create an original artwork to fill the windows and facade of the ground floor of the space sparking interest and excitement in the community.  JBAK designed and painted their very first large scale canvas work titled Hands1 for their window.

Big thanks to Yasha and her team for the invitation and for a very well organized and enjoyable install day.  MUCH more to come from this project we are sure.

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