‘Generations’ a new mural in Phoenix AZ, USA

In April, 2013 JBAK were invited to Phoenix, Arizona as their debut return to the US and for JBAK’s largest mural to date.

The two people depicted in the mural are Chris Neito, a 5th generation Phoenix native and a huge supporter of the arts and the city of Phoenix itself, and Addison’s grandmother Maxine, who herself has lived nearly her entire life in Phoenix and is now the matriarch of 4 generations of Phoenix natives.

Addison viewed the opportunity to paint his grandmother as a “chance to give something back to a woman who has been in my entire life with nothing but support and love for every decision I have made. The chance to show her in person what she has meant to me is one of the rarest chances we get in life.”

For this piece JBAK attempted a new technique of working together deciding to work over top of one another rather than dividing the sections of the portrait as they have done in the past. The linear hatch lines of Addison would create the shape of the two figures and fill their silhouette with color and texture.  James would then paint the photorealistic elements on top creating another layer to give the actual definition and details of both Chris and Grandma Maxine.

Phoenix is well known for it’s intensely vibrant and colorful sunsets which create hues that run the spectrum from yellows, oranges, magentas, blues and purples. This was the basis for the color theory of the mural. It was the largest color range JBAK have worked with on one project at around 23 colors.

Special thanks to Bob Karber, Tim O’Neil, Grandma Maxine, Chris Nieto, and everyone else who helped and supported us on this massive project.

Much love – we will be back.

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JBAK documentary film


Kitchen Sink Studios presents “The Tallest Mural in Arizona,” a documentary film on the creation of a new mural in central Phoenix by Berlin-based JBAK.

Love. Art. Family. Rebirth. All of them converge in one place in central Phoenix as James Bullough and Addison Karl, the American-born and Berlin-based mural artist duo known as JBAK, create a stunning piece of public art as part of the revitalization of a high-rise office building into a creative hub. Chris Nieto, who commissioned an Addison Karl mural on his downtown Phoenix building a year prior, was enlisted by JBAK to find a building owner willing to commission another work. Nieto connected with building owners and developers Tim O’Neil and Bob Karber, whom recently purchased an office high-rise on a very busy intersection in Downtown Phoenix. O’Neil and Karber saw this as a rare opportunity to commission a very special piece of public art and jumped on the opportunity to commission the artists to paint a mural.
O’Neil and Karber suggested painting local Phoenicians as the subject matter, which excited JBAK. Karl chose his Grandma Maxine as one subject, and O’Neil suggested Nieto as the other. As the project unfolded, it became more than just a piece of public art. It became an expression of love not only for painting, but for family and friends as well. The film will be unveiled approximately June 11th — so keep an eye on Kitchen Sink’s social media feeds for more information.


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Magdeburg Mural for Mystique Art Festival

JBAK just got back from a week in Magdeburg Germany where they created a mural for the Mystique Art and Culture Festival. The festival runs from June 1st until July 28th 2013. For more information about the festival please visit the event page here.

Although mother nature tried her best to stop the boys in their tracks, the team was able to push through and create this impressive double portrait facing the trainline.

Big thanks to Karsten, Alex, Michel, Felix, SKAM, Strichcode Art, Vegan Kitchen and the rest of everyone we met that was so nice to help us and host us.

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World premier of “Berlin Portraits”

Berlin Portraits Exhibition FlyerJBAK and the ‘Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte The Wall’ are happy to announce the long awaited official viewing of “Berlin Portraits”.

“Berlin Portraits” is a series of large format paintings by American born Berlin based painting duo JBAK that tells the stories of 13 Berliners whose lives have been affected in various ways by the division and reunification of East and West Germany. The wide variety of ages and backgrounds, as well as the different location, and gender of each subject in the paintings is reflected in the diversity of the stories each has to tell. From a dramatic and very public flee from East to West Germany as part of a nationwide scandal to a simple and enjoyable childhood growing up in a Marzahn Plattenbau, the stories told and the lives lived by the subjects of these paintings give insight to a vast range of different perspectives on life before, during, and after the fall of the wall.

The portraits are painted in the trademark style of JBAK on discarded wood collected from the streets of Berlin and are now part of the permanent collection of the Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte The Wall at Checkpoint Charlie.

Please join us for the official public introduction of the paintings on Thursday, May 16th at 6:00pm.

Wir, JBAK und das “Winters Hotel Mitte / The Wall at Checkpoint Charlie” freuen uns eine unserer neusten Arbeiten “Berlin Portraits” präsentieren zu können. Continue reading
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JBAK first wall in Arizona with Julia Benz

The first official JBAK piece back in the US. Proud to share it as a collaboration with Julia Benz.

The initial idea and concept was “layers.” Different textures, colors and shapes to build up the background in preparation for the foreground. The main composition is a tribute to a fellow artist and inspiration “Ala niz.” Once the foreground of the main composition was complete we brought the background back on top to create more layers of depth.

Big thank you to all the folks at The Brat Haus for your support and letting us paint. Thanks to Julia Benz for working with us and helping make this mural come to life. Thanks to Zach from Hardlines for spending the week with us to document.

Video Production Credit: Hardlines

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Her Royal Majesty

Recently Paris bassed magazine Her Royal Majesty, released this little feature about JBAK.  have a look……

Her Royal Majesty

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Winters Hotel delivery day

yesterday was the big day… after three solid months of hard work all 9 of the Winters Hotel paintings were delivered. they will be hung in their new permanent location over the next few days. many more photos of the finished paintings and information on the official unveiling/exhibition to come soon. for now, just a few pictures of the delivery…

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